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Ultra Fast Keto Boost Legit Reviews

Ultra Fast Keto Boost : Nowadays, there are two diets that are very popular. Many people are talking about them and there are huge claims about their effectiveness. One of them is the Paleo diet which involves eating raw foods rather than processed ones. The idea behind this diet is to eat the same foods that were available to man during the Stone Age. One the other hand, the second diet, called the keto diet, focuses on eating more fats.

Some people might be astonished by this because fast is considered unhealthy. This is not always the case because fats can be very healthy for the body too. There are some very healthy fats that most people are not taking in their diet because they think fats are harmful. In the keto diet, people eat fewer carbs and more fats so that the body burns fats as a primary energy source. Today, we will talk about a supplement that is made to work like a keto diet. This supplement is called Ultra Fast Keto Boost.

Ultra Fast Keto Boost
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What is Ultra Fast Keto Boost?

Ultra Fast Keto Boost is a weight loss supplement that is made for people who are tired of the fat jokes. If you are someone who is scared that your obesity might make you a patient of other illnesses, then you can use this supplement. The manufacturers make big claims on their website that this supplement will give you a ‘slim waist’ and will ‘burn fat’ from your body quickly. We will look at how true these claims are and if they hold up in research.

  • It is supposed to work like a keto diet since it is made with the principle of increased fat ingestion too.
  • While the keto diet involves taking fats from the outside, Ultra Fast Keto Boost works oppositely.
  • It releases fats that are already present in the body but are not being used up.
  • These are the fats that your body has stored up for usage in times of need.
  • When these fats are broken down or burnt, the final result is you getting slim.

So, this is basically how Ultra Fast Keto Boost works. The manufacturers claim that you can possibly lose up to 1 lb. a day. This is a huge claim to make and is not possible. However, these are some of the tactics that the manufacturers use for attracting customers to their company.

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Why Use Ultra Fast Keto Boost?

The manufacturers give many reasons why you should be using Ultra Fast Keto Boost. We will mention them in detail below.


The first thing that the company takes pride in is the naturalness of its ingredients. They say that all their ingredients come from trusted farms and they only use natural things, without any addition. This might sound like good news to some people but what the manufacturers are not telling you is that they also add fillers.

  • Most supplement companies add fillers to their supplements.
  • These fillers take up most of the space and there is very little room for the actual ingredients.
  • They do this so that they do not have to spend money on getting the ingredients.
  • Fillers are cheap so they benefit the company.
  • However, they are also harmful so they are no good for the consumers.


The company says that since this supplement is manufactured in the US, it is in accordance with the regulatory laws of the country. According to them, they make the supplement in verified labs and GMP-certified facilities.

Now, let us tell you something shocking. FDA does not approve of supplements nor does it analyze them. So, even though Ultra Fast Keto Boost is made in the US, there is no proof to show that it is actually compliant with the health regulations in the country.


Lastly, the manufacturers also take pride in the fact that their product is instant in its action. They say that once you take Ultra Fast Keto Boost, the ketosis process will start is 60 minutes. This is actually true. However, here is the catch. The process might start in an hour but it only lasts for 30 minutes. So, if the action starts quickly, it also ends quickly.

This is completely opposite to keto diet, in which the process takes some time to start but it lasts for long. So, you cannot expect this supplement to give you long-lasting results.

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Increase in Ketone Level

The principle of working for Ultra Fast Keto Boost is the increase in ketones in the body. Since the supplement is filled with exogenous ketones, it helps in increasing the ketone level in the body. When we looked at researches that have been done on supplements like this, we saw some shocking results.

A study was conducted recently which showed that supplements like this only cause about a 0.5% increase or even lesser than this in ketone levels. This is not sufficient for the body to give any strong ketogenic response.

  • As opposed to the claim, Ultra Fast Keto Boost does not significantly increase the ketone level in the body.
  • So, it does not lead to long-lasting ketosis or fat loss.
  • Consequently, you do not see the results that you were wishing to see.

How effective are Raspberry ketones?

Ultra Fast Keto Boost has raspberry ketones in it which are exogenous ketones, expected to work the same as natural ketones. These ketones might have some action but it is not as strong as natural or endogenous ketones in the body.

  • Also, these ketones can lead to digestive problems such as diarrhea.
  • The body takes a while to adjust to raspberry ketone since they are not natural.
  • So, during this time, you will have digestive problems.
  • Another thing to remember is that your breath will smell like raspberries when you take the supplement daily.

In most cases, the effects are only short-term and the body adjusts after a while. However, there are no benefits as such so you are just putting your body through discomfort for nothing.

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Side Effects of Ultra Fast Keto Boost

Ultra Fast Keto Boost has preservatives in it that are harmful chemicals. They do increase the shelf life of the product but they are not gentle on the body. These chemicals accumulate in the system over time and tend to disrupt the natural balance.

Also, the exogenous ketones present in Ultra Fast Keto Boost will cause digestive issues. These should last only for some time. If you experience them for a longer time, you should stop using the supplement or talk to your doctor about why this is happening. Moreover, you should not use Ultra Fast Keto Boost while taking kidney or heart medication.

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Kiara/30 years: I am a busy women, with a full time job and a toddler. Ever since I started working in an office place, I have been sitting in a chair for most of the time. Of course, my weight had to increase. With a toddler around, I could hardly focus on myself. A friend of mine told me that I should use a supplement. I searched online and found Ultra Fast Keto Boost. The website said that the supplement would work without me having to put in any effort.

I was amazed by this so I placed my order. After using the supplement for eight weeks, I did not even notice the tiniest change in my body. The claims about people losing up to 1 lb. a day are total scam. I would not recommend Ultra Fast Keto Boost to anyone.

6 Reasons to Avoid Ultra Fast Keto Boost

There is much reason to avoid Ultra Fast Keto Boost.

  1. First of all, Ultra Fast Keto Boost can never be an alternative to the keto diet since ketosis is not achieved so easily
  2. Research has shown that the ketone increase that comes with keto supplements is insufficient for maintained ketosis.
  3. The supplement tends to harm your body if you have any medical history.
  4. It is not suitable for nursing mothers.
  5. The preservatives added in Ultra Fast Keto Boost are harmful to your body.
  6. Ultra Fast Keto Boost is not FDA approved so there is no proof about it being safe or even healthy.

Where to Buy Ultra Fast Keto Boost ?

If you are interested in trying out Ultra Fast Keto Boost, you can buy it online. The company offers NO 14 day free trial like Other Companies, after which you are charged for a bottle every month. In the trial offer, you have to pay the shipping and handling charges. After that, you are subscribed and will receive a bottle every month at a cost of $79.99. By canceling your subscription, you can stop this service. But for Ultra Fast Keto You Need to Buy Direct Bottle for $39.00 You may also place an order for a three or six month supply. If you buy more bottles at once, you get a discount.

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Customer Support

Phone: 1-844-704-1211
Email: support@ultrafastketoboost.com

Official Website: https://www.alertpills.com/Order-Ultra-Fast-Keto

Final Words

Instead of putting your body at the mercy of supplements like Ultra Fast Keto Boost, it is better to make some effort. If you cannot follow a keto diet, just watch your sugar intake. Try to exercise regularly, even if it is for half an hour. This is much better than using a supplement, which will put your health at risk.

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  1. Don’t Use this Provider

    Don’t use this organization. I desired 1 bottle which should have cost me less than 30$ .they put an order for things I did not want and took over 100 of my account. They sent the goods but no literature. They left out in the email it was a firm, but it is not There is no means of calling them and even once you unsubscribe they continue to send mails. The bundle was enrolled as products costing 20$ bit of a difference. !!!!! Don’t use this business unless you are happy to part with money you have worked hard to make. So wont dare to consume them I have.

  2. Disgraceful

    What a entire scam. Distributing $140 for a product I did order in the long run because I could not afford it and did not receive. I can not get the money back because they showed proof which I ordered which I didn’t. I cancelled when I understood the cost was much more than the’deal’ said

  3. DO NOT TRY, the company is a con

    DO NOT BUY. . .not only does it not work, you will not get your money refunded. I simply reported the company with investigation it’ll be shut down. I feel silly for wanting it and I didn’t expect results, but they do not refund your money even with the 30 day money-back guarantee. Their lack of customer service disgusts me.

  4. This company is an absolute disgrace it has sold 300 of these pills to my son who is only 15, he made a rash decision to buy what he though was 1 bottle of these Keto pills but unwittingly signed up to a repeat buy and was originally cost $139.75, we have been not able to get this refunded but have blocked any future payments. I’ve contacted the company, Happier contour who took the payment and advised that this order was made by a minor and they’d sold him 300 tablets, they weren’t interested only stated as I had contested with the lender they had been unable to assist, not at all worried that they had be bought by a small, bearing in mind it stipulates on the tablets that you must seek medical advice if you’re under 18. Attitude, my sons email was assessed by me following this incident and he literally had been inundated with emails from this company! , watch what your kids are currently looking at and inform them that this isn’t the way!

  5. I’ve been taking Ultra Fast Keto Boost for 2 months now I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but it doesn’t seem to be working. I never stop all day! what am I doing wrong?

  6. I am totally nauseated with this organization. I went on the site through Facebook to see and was thinking about requesting a container valued at $59.95 however altered my perspective. Next thing they had removed $139.75 from my financial balance. I didn’t put in the request no did I get an email affirmation of putting in the request.

    I attempted to drop the request however the organization recorded on my bank explanation did not exist.

    After two weeks 5 jugs of the stuff arrived so I addressed the principle organization where I got definitely no fulfillment. I continue mentioning call backs from an administrator yet this still hasn’t occurred. I was exhorted by my bank to restore the products so they could raise a contest which they did yet Ultra Fast Keto Boost are inflexible that I put in the request.

    All I need is my cash back yet you can’t get any fulfillment.

    The organization is waste, the item likely does not work.

    Try not to PURCHASE anything from this organization. Try not to go on their site.

  7. Complete SCAM. I have returned items as trained and as yet sitting tight for a discount. I continue being informed that I need to sit tight 24-48 hours for a reaction. I have been left messages from a back office bolster group who state they have returned $119.75 that I have not gotten and for me to get back to in the event that I haven’t. The number left does not exist! Number given is 855 415 2208

  8. I ordered 1 bottle of Ultra Quick Keto Boost from these scammers. Rather I got 5 bottles of Ultra fast Keto Boost and 5 bottles of Ultra Fast Keto Boost Cleanse, and two payments of $139.35 removed from my bank account. Oddly enough, the obligations are to 2 distinct names. My lender’s scam dept has made certain there will be no auto re-order, which I would not have considered before I read the reviews on here saying that this had occurred to other people. My bank had obviously learned about this outfit before so I am disappointed they did not check with me . You learn and live!! Don’t fall for it, people!!

  9. Please everybody check the $139.75 hasn’t been installed as a monthly subscription because that is what they did to me. After they obtained $151 in my account instead of $22 I moved live chat with them and eventually got $72 back. However, a business they state that’they’re really not affiliated with’ known as Deep Care set up this subscription. My lender is treating this as fraud. Now I’ve received Ultra Fast Keto Boost which I did not order. It’s like a nightmare. By the way their advertisement was on Facebook

  10. I advise anybody and everybody don’t take this product. I had a terrible reaction to this item, massive stomach cramps, vomiting along with another end wasn’t much better. At one time I really thought I would need to go to hospital to get a stomach operation the pain was incredible.

    Minutes after I purchased Ultra Fast Keto Boost, I read some very negative reviews about the item, which changed my mind about ordering it, so I called the company, and informed them that I wished to cancel the order before it is even shipped, and receive a complete refund. They refused to do so. Regardless of what I mentioned, the representative just kept saying that, after I got the product, I could email them to request a RMA (Return of Merchandise) number (which is needed for any returns), and we are going to see what we could do about providing you with a partial refund.” . As soon as I sent the request to your RMA number to the email address that’s provided on their website, my email came back because there’s NO SUCH EMAIL ADDRESS. They also attempted to charge me another time after the initial billing was paid, however, the fraud department of my bank dropped it. This is a totally dishonest company!!!

  12. Fell for the Scam!

    All out misuse of cash! In the wake of being delude by their requesting commercial I found the expense for the 5 mo request (best value???) was significantly more than I anticipated! In the wake of calling to drop the request I was advised I would need to accept conveyance at that point get back to. Request came a week and a half later and I called again and was told I would possibly qualify on the off chance that I use it for a month.

    I genuinely and accurately utilized the tabs, (one toward the beginning of the day and one preceding dinner). It has failed to help me…no weight lost and I eat a sound way of life with no lousy nourishment or fast sustenance.

    Called today (5.28.2019 in the wake of taking for 22 days) to demand a discount and was informed that I was past the thirty days! Appears the organization covertly does not reveal to you that the 30 days start the day you request it! The administrator at stake attempted to offer me a rebate on an additional multi day bottle and disclosed to him for what reason would I need to purchase another jug when it isn’t working! At long last after extra dialog he disclosed to me he would raise the issue up to his bosses. Am right now hanging tight for the arrival call.

  13. Total Scam, Found the negative reviews just after I ordered. Tried to cancel the order immediately, but they said not possible. Spent hours on the phone getting an RMA number after receiving it. Returned the product with the RMA number. Tracking number indicated that it had been received. One week no refund. Their website states that you will receive a refund within 48 hours. Called after one week and, operator #390 stated that it takes 13-30 days to get a refund; contrary to the information on the website. I’m contacting my bank. Crooks!

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